Welfare Van Toilet Emptying

Welfare Van: How to Empty Toilet Cassette

The job that everyone wants to avoid – we’ve made it as easy as possible for you. The welfare van toilet emptying process is a simple as it comes. All you will need is a pair of gloves and a chemical disposal point.

The video below details welfare van toilet emptying in one of our Mercedes Sprinter welfare vans for hire.

Steps to empty your welfare van toilet cassette

  1. Locate the small door at the back of the vehicle in front of the toilet cubicle
  2. Pull the green latch and pull out the cassette
  3. Twist the front pipe so it faces outwards
  4. Pour down a chemical disposal point
  5. Twist the front pipe so it’s tucked back in
  6. Put the cassette back into the slot in the back of the vehicle

How to refill flush water

  1. Simply pull out the top pipe from inside the small door at the back of the vehicle, in front of the toilet cubicle
  2. Twist off the green cap
  3. Fill with water and pop back
  4. Close the small door & done
Welfare van toilet emptying

Welfare Van Hire by Industry – A Complete Guide

There are such a vast number of industries with the requirement for welfare vans at the moment. It can be tricky knowing where to start with welfare van hire by industry, or a mess van hire. By design, our welfare vans are ideal for a multitude of different industries and working environments. Each van can be customised to suit your industry should it need to be – all vans are fully converted on site at our Lincoln HQ.

All of our welfare van hire vehicles contain 7 seats, including the driver seat. You will find x3 seats up at the font, and x4 M1 crash tested seats around a table in the back. With the capacity to seat up to 7, our welfare van hire is ideal for all sizes of team. If you have a larger team, we can hire multiple welfare vehicles to you, simply let us know your requirements.

Meet health and safety requirements easily by guaranteeing your staff access to facilities. An added bonus to our welfare vans is the Speedliner® antimicrobial vehicle lining that we use for built in control and protection against bacteria, funghi, mould and mildew.

Welfare Van Facilities
Welfare Van Facilities

Why hire a Welfare Van?

Most companies hire a welfare van as essentially a mobile break room. Many of our customers who make use of our welfare van hire are working on a site without proper facilities. Welfare van hire can provide comfort and downtime during breaks or in between shifts. Each of our welfare vans comes with toilet facilities, a kitchenette and a dining/ seating area. Plus hot water, electrics & USB ports and many more optional items.

By hiring a welfare van for your team(s), your staff will be working happier and more productively with a warm, comfortable place to take a break. Welfare vans are very practical because of how mobile and versatile they are. Park them close by to your working location; add on extras such as livery, cameras and more at any time.

Welfare Van Hire for Rail Companies

We have vast experience with nationwide welfare van rental within the rail industry. Teams are often out to build or repair rail lines, this can take months depending on the type job. Welfare vans offer a comfortable and safe space for workers to take a break, have hot food and drink and rest. Learn more about our hire rates here.

Welfare Van Rental for Construction Workers

Construction workers often have long days, and work mostly outdoors. Contractors are required to provide welfare facilities for the duration of a project: workers must have access to toilets & hand sinks (or hand washing facilities), and somewhere to rest and eat meals, as stated by the UK health and safety executive . Quite often, there are not welfare units installed on construction sites, so companies may opt for welfare van hire instead. Welfare vans can work out better than a stationary welfare unit. For example, if a team is working over a wide-spread site, the van can be moved to the point at where most workers are on each day.

Welfare Vehicles for Road and Traffic Management Companies

Our welfare van hire has proven popular amongst road and traffic management companies. Jobs such as laying drains and painting new road markings can be tiring, and can often be in rural locations with limited access to facilities. Welfare van hire allows workers to complete their jobs with adequate comfort breaks, and leave the area to the next job without the stress of moving a stationary unit.

Emergency Services Welfare Vans

Many counties emergency services departments may have welfare van hire on standby. Police teams will use a welfare van if they are attending a scene that is in a rural location, or somewhere where facilities are inaccessible. Similarly, a fire or ambulance crew may hire a welfare van for the same reasons, if they know they will be on scene for a long period of time.

Welfare Vans for Site Security

We have experience with hiring welfare vans into the security industry. Many are used when an external security team are contracted to look after a secure site. Perhaps overnight or for longer periods of time, without having access to facilities nearby. These vans simply allow security workers to take a break, warm up some food and use the facilities. Contact us for more information on welfare van hire for site security.

Mobile Welfare Van for almost any Industry

We offer welfare van hire nationwide, and for any relevant industry. No matter what your industry, we can certainly help you out. Our team build our welfare hire vans on site, so should you have any bespoke requests, simply let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate these. We can also offer full Chapter 8 Livery and have a whole host of additional extras.