Welfare Van Virtual Tour

Take a look at our welfare van virtual tour below. The ideal self-contained mobile break rooms that allow your workers to take a comfortable break whilst on the job.

When you rent a welfare van from us, you will find it fully kitted out with everything you will need for a productive work day. As we build our welfare vans with you and your business in mind, you can trust that your teams will enjoy the comfort provided during their days. For more information, please contact us.

Who & What are Welfare Vans for?

Ideal for the construction industry, traffic management, rail operators and many more industries. Quality welfare van rental can benefit the morale of a hard-working team and provide extra comfort for a long day.
We have the ability and skill sets here to craft a single welfare van, or a fleet to the needs of your team. The above welfare van virtual tour shows a basic model, that is now out on hire.

The range of standard fitted appliances in our welfare vans are all great specification to allow your team to enjoy their breaks. Be confident that you are hiring a welfare van that is built with safety and comfort in mind. We will include fully M1 crash tested seats at your interior table. Easily view your water and battery levels with our simple to use touch screen panel. For when you’re working through the night, the on-board 2KW Diesel Night Heater will help to keep your staff in the welfare van warm.

Premium welfare van rental models will see us building for hire, using Victron lithium batteries. These top of the line batteries are next level in every aspect. Low noise levels, next generation technology, and power to last all day. Add extra items such as Chapter 8 Livery, solar power and much more to your vans.

If you are in the market for hiring a welfare van and there should there be anything in the above welfare van virtual tour that you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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